A Bird’s Eye View

A Bird’s Eye View
of the Heavy Cruiser USS Boston and Task Force 58
in Combat Operations Against the Empire of Japan

by Steve Kelly

In January 1944, the US Navy warships of Task Force 58 began advancing across the Central Pacific, attacking the defenses of the Empire of Japan, island by island.  A year and a half later, the ships were anchored in Tokyo Harbor for the signing of Japan’s unconditional surrender.

Experience this remarkable group of ships’ dramatic combat operations as seen through the eyes of Signalman 1st Class William Kelly from his vantage point high above the decks on the signal bridge of the heavy cruiser, USS Boston CA-69.

Read as the great offensive campaigns unfold: the capture of the Marshall and Mariana Islands, the Hollandia offensive, the operations to liberate the Philippines; then follow the Task Force as Iwo Jima and Okinawa are captured and Japan itself attacked. Experience the devastating Typhoon Cobra.  Read about the famous Battles of the Philippine Sea; the Marianas Turkey Shoot; the nail-biting tow of the crippled heavy cruisers Canberra and Houston, damaged in the Battle of Formosa; and the tragic sinking of the Indianapolis.

This fascinating and informative non-fiction book, 384 pages long, includes many historic photos and maps created by the author.

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Feedback about A Bird’s Eye View

Steve you did an excellent job writing this book. It is loaded with valuable information about what the Boston and all the other ships went through fighting the Japanese during WWII. Great Job!! – Brian Connelly

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I much enjoyed the book and the weaving of your Dad & Mom’s romance within. It was touching. The ruthlessness of the Kamakazis was poignant to me for the first time. Now I know why my folks’ neighbor, who survived in the water for two days in the Pacific after his flat top sank, refuses to this day to swim in the ocean. The war and what they endured is all too much to comprehend, but your book helped me appreciate the sacrifices made. Great job Steve! – Ray LaPorte

– – – – – – – – – –

I very much enjoy reading about the Pacific war and in particular about Battleships and Cruisers. I enjoy the shipboard point of view. I found the book on Amazon when searching for something new to read. Great story. I appreciate what your father and the many others like him did to protect our freedom. – Pete R.

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This book is a fantastic and detailed account of the war in the pacific through the eyes of a signalman on the cruiser Boston. Mr. Kelly has captured the essence of battle and life in general on the ship and presented it in the most interesting manner, a first person daily account of the Boston and its task force.

I truly had trouble putting it down. Must reading for any history, WWII or Navy buff. – Paul West reviewed on Amazon.com